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How electricity price is generated - 4 key considerations

Nord Pool operates a day-ahead market and an intraday market for electricity. The day-ahead market is where most of the trading happens, and it is where the prices for each hour of the coming day are determined.

The electricity price in Nord Pool is primarily influenced by supply and demand, much like any other market. However, in the energy market, various factors can affect supply and demand.

Here are some of the key considerations:

01 | Season

The time of year can have a significant effect on electricity prices. During winter, when days are shorter and colder, demand for electricity usually increases, which can drive prices up. In contrast, prices can be lower during the spring and autumn "shoulder months" when demand is typically lower.

02 | Time of Day

Prices also vary throughout the day. Peak demand periods, such as mornings and evenings when people are most active, can lead to higher prices. Overnight, when most people are sleeping and businesses are closed, demand—and therefore prices—can decrease.

03 | Weather

Weather conditions can greatly influence both the demand for electricity (e.g., for heating or cooling) and the supply of renewable energy (e.g., wind power and solar power).These are just some of the factors that influence the price of electricity on Nord Pool. Understanding these factors and how they interact is crucial to predicting electricity prices and managing electricity costs. This is where Peak Save's services can be of great benefit, helping businesses optimize their energy use based on these pricing patterns.

04 | Availability of Power Plants

The availability of different types of power plants can also affect prices. For example, when there is a lot of wind and wind turbines are generating a lot of power, the price of electricity might decrease.

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